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Nail Technology Program 

Mission: To promote healthy nail care and become a license professional in the Nail industry.

Welcome to CC's Beauty Institute LLC Nail Technology Program. This program will prepare participants the skills that are needed to pass the state board exam and become a licensed nail tech. The Program can be completed in three months with satisfactory attendance.  Participants will learn the latest trends, have guest speakers, participate in competitions if they choose to and attend beauty trade shows.  Nail Technician Consist of 150 hours of instruction. Participants will learn from skilled professionals in the nail industry. 


Textbook/Objective: In the 8th edition of Milady Standard Nail Technology, you will find the most current information on the sciences, nail services, and nail enhancements. You will learn a variety of techniques, from the basic manicure and pedicure to nail art and add-on services. You will also learn how to identify unhealthy conditions of the skin and nails to keep you and your clients safe and healthy.

Please Text or call  Consquilla Carey 443-630-0037 if you have questions. 

Nail Tech application and scholarship link

Virtual Open house cosmetology and nail technology 6/11/24


Nail Technology Tuition

Registration fee: $50

Tuition and processing fee: $3,500 

Kit: $1,125

CIMA Technology: $300

Total: $4,975 


CC’s Beauty Institute does not offer Federal Financial Aid. Financing is available.

Students are expected to pay tuition by credit card, debit card or private funding.  

Students must pay for the kit two weeks prior to the first day of class.  After Pay and PayPal Credit is available. 

The deposit is $1,500 which includes processing fee, kit and textbooks.

A deposit of $500 will reserve your seat. The $500 will be subtracted from the $1,500 deposit. The remainder of the deposit is due two weeks before class began.

The remaining balance can be split into three installments.

You do not have to have experience to apply. We will teach you everything that you need to know in order to pass state board. 

If you are a Connecticut resident contact me directly 443-630-0037. The state of Connecticut requires less hours and different examination requirements. 

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Hours for Nail Tech Program 
The next class starts 7/7/24- 9/10/24

Sunday 8 hours

Synchronous 4 hours 9:00am to 1:00 pm

Students will learn theory together on zoom for four hours. Students must turn on Cameras. The instructor will teach the class theory on zoom. 9am to 1pm


30-minute break


Asynchronous: 4 hours

 Students will work on assigned chapter in CIMA for four hours 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Administrator will review each students CIMA account to make sure that each student logged on during the assigned time. (Every other week)

Sunday's class meets in person every other week 9:00am-5:30pm. You will rotate on Sundays. One week in person and the next week virtual.



The 9th week falls on a holiday. The last day of class will be September 10, 2024.

Monday 5 hours 

In person Brick and mortar classroom and practical 5pm to 10 pm.

Students will receive a 15-minute break.


Students will have clinicals with hands on experience for 5 hours. Students will work on clients and mannequins. Students will prep for the state board exam. Students will take test in the classroom during this time. 

Tuesday hours 5 hours

Synchronous two hours 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on live zoom video conference call. Students will have theory with the instructor and classmates together at the same time for two hours. Students must keep the cameras on.


Asynchronous 3 hours 7:15 pm to 10:15pm


Students will work in CIMA. Students will complete the assigned chapter.  

Administrator will review each students CIMA account to make sure that each student logged on during the assigned time.

Total Hours 18 per week

Students can complete the program in twelve weeks.

Students have three months to complete the


Youth Summer Nail Tech Program 

Join CC's Beauty Institute Youth Nail Tech Program. This application must be completed by a parent or guardian. The program is for ages 13-17. The participants will receive 150 nail technology hours. The participant will be qualified to take the state board exam. Program summer dates are June 10, 2024-July 24, 2024. The first step is to complete an application. Next steps contact the school at 443-630-0037 to register. A deposit of $1,500 is required in order to register. The balance can be paid in installments. The balance must be paid before the student takes the state board exam. A Nail kit, textbook and supplies are provided. Financing is available. Call 443-630-0037 for questions.

Click on this link to complete the youth nail tech summer program.


Students will be introduced to the instructor.

Students will have orientation.

Students will sign a consent for and agree to the hours and operations and classroom rules.

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of nail technology.

Students will learn how to compete in nail competitions and attend educational shows.

Students will be introduced to the textbook.

Students will be given their kits.

Students will use look at all the supplies in the kit and become familiar with the items.

Students will learn about marketing and branding. 

I hope that you become a part of the CCBI team .

Nail Technology theory Hours 

Image by Budka Damdinsuren

State Laws ........................................... 10 Theory Hours


Nail Disease and Disorder: Cover the nail structure and growth, the disorders of the nails and infections......................10 Theory Hours

Classroom Instructions with Theory: Orientation, management professional ethics, professional image, client records, insurance, payroll, taxes, school policies, sales, and inventory............................... 20 Theory Hours

Manicuring, pedicuring, and nail extension: Nail theory and structure.......70 Hours

"Anatomy and physiology, Using the tools and products properly, principles and techniques of manicuring, pedicuring and advanced nail techniques, UV, and LED Gels. Electric Filing. Tips & wraps, Nail Art, and Procedures   20 hours of theory and 50 Practical hours" Breakdown of the 70 hours"


Infectious control: Principal and Practices ......................40 Hours

Includes decontamination, cleaning methods, sterilization, chemical agents, sanitation, bacterial growth, infections, infection control, first aid, tools, safety, and the use of equipment. "25 practical and 15 theory hours"

Theory and Practical total 150

me at bridal show.jpg

Nail Tech Program in Person and Online 

Start a career as a nail tech and complete the program in 9 weeks. This program will prepare the student to pass the Virginia State Board exam.  If participant is registered with DARS they may receive tuition assistance.
Please call 443-630-0037 to find out about the online program.  


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